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AprilSix Proof wins place on European Spallation Source communications framework

by AprilSix Proof

AprilSix Proof has been appointed as one of three possible public relations suppliers to the European Spallation Source (ESS) after a competitive tender process. The framework was completed in September 2016 and will run for two years.


ESS is one of Europe’s largest science projects currently under construction and will become the world’s leading centre for neutron science, acting like a giant microscope to probe materials at the atomic level. Results from the research will impact almost every area of daily life including energy, healthcare, engineering and the environment. Research will also help to explain some of the fundamental concepts of nature.

Jim Sutton, Managing Director (London) of AprilSix Proof said “This is a wonderful addition to our science experience. We helped develop the communication strategy for CERN earlier this year, and can also bring to the table nearly 10 years’ experience of working with neutron science facilities and other major national and international research organisations.”

ESS is currently under construction in Lund, Sweden, and the Data Management and Software Centre (DMSC) is based in Copenhagen, Denmark. When the ESS User Program begins in 2023, an estimated two to three thousand visiting scientists will come to ESS annually to perform experiments. Most users will be based at European universities and institutes, and others within Industry.

The European Spallation Source (ESS) is a European Research Infrastructure Consortium with 15 nations committed to the goal of collectively building and operating the world’s leading facility for research using neutrons by the end of the decade.