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Baroness Neville-Rolfe delivers speech on digital health

by AprilSix Proof

Minister for Intellectual Property discusses the importance and benefits of digital health

Newly appointed Minister for Intellectual Property, Baroness Lucy Neville-Rolfe, delivered a speech at an event in Glasgow, which was held to celebrate this year’s Commonwealth Games.

Her speech addressed how innovations in technology, treatment and working methods are continuing to fuel modern medicine, and will be the cornerstones of overcoming the challenges that health systems are facing: an ageing population, non-communicable diseases and increasing patient expectations. She also stressed the importance of delivering the same quality of healthcare found in cities to sparsely populated areas.

She explained that digital health is an important factor in making progress, and highlighted that the Intellectual Property Office has funded a number of projects focusing on telehealth solutions. The UK already has a number of initiatives aimed at going digital, such as plans for electronic patient records by 2018, but through international collaboration, the sharing of ideas multiplies and innovation can be that much stronger.

Read the full transcript here.