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Cake and copywriting – my experience as a Junior Account Executive

by AprilSix Proof

In this week’s blog I hope to give an insight into my time at Proof so far and the recent foray I’ve made into the world of cyber-security and science PR.

My first three weeks as a Junior Account Executive here in London have opened my eyes to a few things, namely the cyber-security and science media landscape, the London Underground… and baking.

So far, I’ve read more cyber-security news than I think I ever have before (the most interesting of which was on workplace monitoring devices by The Daily Mail), learnt how to pitch stories to journalists, baked my first ever cake and become well acquainted with the Northern line (well…other people’s armpits on the Northern line).

Coming to Proof from a small agency I’ve quickly learnt that time is a valuable asset, having to navigate schedules and meet quick turn-arounds within a larger team. I’ve also learnt that office banter is a key form of communication amongst Proof employees!

Previously, I had largely been doing the same thing every day but as a Junior Account Executive at Proof my days have been exceedingly varied. My time has been split building media lists and coverage clippings books; writing blogs; carrying out research on anything from data classification to global infrastructure trends, preparing tweet banks for up-coming events; pitching (with varied success) stories and ideas to the media and spending a disproportionate yet legitimate amount of time on social media.

Other than my first journalist pitch, a nerve wracking but short and sweet experience, the highlight of my first three weeks here has actually been spending six hours of my Sunday (I still haven’t asked for time off in lieu for this) baking a Death Star cake for the office Bake-Off.

I’ve learnt far more here already than I have at previous companies and am excited at the prospect of the time ahead in such an interesting and exciting sector of PR.

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