Seeking cyber talent
Cyber Security Challenge UK

AprilSix Proof launched the UK government’s most successful cyber security recruitment programme, the Cyber Security Challenge UK, with a social media strategy.

We worked closely with one of the Challenge consortium partners, PwC, to build a complex digital puzzle – a cipher – that we uploaded to the Challenge website, Facebook page and Twitter profile. This brought the target audience to the Challenge website and gave them an immediate challenge to complete. We also asked all 15 sponsors, most of whom had their own substantial online communities, to post information about the Challenge and the cipher to their followers. The target was to secure 200 registrations but within a week we had more than 3300 and over 1000 proposed solutions to the cipher.

Five years later. we are still running the publicity campaign attracting talented individuals into the industry. Over those years we have generated 1,000 pieces of coverage encouraging more than 12,000 registrants to play the yearly Challenge games.