Moving forward with lanxess

When global chemicals giant LANXESS asked AprilSix Proof to help build its reputation as a responsible company involved in green motoring we had a brainwave about tyres.

LANXESS had already produced an app that helped motorists understand how much money and carbon they could save if they bought better tyres. AprilSix Proof suggested a campaign linking the app to new a European law that required all new tyres to be sold with environmental labels. We developed partnerships between LANXESS and motoring membership organisations including the AA, RAC, the National Tyre Distributor’s Association, and the Campaign for Better Tyres who would inform their members about the application.The app was formally launched during a public debate on tyre labeling at The London Transport Museum, promoted on partner websites, and demonstrated to tyre dealers, the general public, and the media at motoring events such as Top Gear Live and Brytirex 2012. Two months on from the launch more than 50 press articles have been generated and app downloads have hit 40,000 and are still rising.