The Challenge

OneWeb is a global communications company which, through a global constellation of satellites in Low Earth Orbit, will be able to deliver high-speed, low-latency internet access worldwide. Following the successful launch of its first satellites, OneWeb wanted to capitalise on its first mover advantage and demonstrate to its audiences that its offering was fresh, powerful and sensitive to market needs. The Nor-Shipping conference in Oslo was identified as an effective arena to reach the key maritime vertical, and AprilSix Proof was tasked with developing a campaign to introduce its service to relevant decision makers and encourage take-up.

The Solution

Consumer expectations and the digitalisation of the maritime industry are pushing ubiquitous connectivity from a nice-to-have to a business necessity, and merchant shipping in particular stands to gain from OneWeb’s future global reach. Taking this insight, we worked alongside OneWeb to craft detailed messaging focused on topics including operational efficiency, Big Data, sustainability and autonomous shipping, which were then segmented for different audience types.

As well as developing a concise message-based invitation for OneWeb’s stakeholders to Nor-Shipping, in the run-up to the event we interviewed its Head of Maritime Product Development to inform a piece of thought leadership tailored for tier 1 maritime press title Digital Ship. The resulting article, described by the journalist as “perfect”, married OneWeb’s objectives to those of Digital Ship; and by negotiating it to be published shortly before Nor-Shipping, we were able to publicise OneWeb’s upcoming keynote presentation to an audience of senior maritime connectivity professionals.

In order to drive awareness of OneWeb’s presence at Nor-Shipping on social channels, we designed and executed strategies for both LinkedIn and Twitter. The bank of content we developed was designed to run in parallel with OneWeb’s existing social content to avoid alienating its non-maritime followers. In addition, we wrote blogs for OneWeb’s owned channels on subjects such as “Building the best network for maritime” and “Enabling maritime success”.

During Nor-Shipping itself, we devised for the OneWeb stand to help promote stakeholder engagement, provided on-ground support, liaised with media, generated visuals and content for social and saw publication of articles secured by a pre-pitched press release about new OneWeb partnerships.

The Results

Over the 8 weeks we worked with OneWeb in the run-up to Nor-Shipping and during the conference itself, we delivered 10 pieces of tier 1 maritime media coverage. OneWeb saw over a significant increase in new social followers drawn from influential figures within the maritime connectivity community, and we helped drive leads from its target partner list, both through the website and from stand visitors. Following the success of Nor-Shipping, we are now working with OneWeb to further establish its position within key verticals.