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Tokamak Energy

The Challenge

The fusion industry in the past has been dominated by large publicy-funded projects, with minimal money available for anyone pursuing a private venture in the same field. This has now changed; around the world there are a number of small, nimble private firms racing to achieve the goal of fusion energy.

Tokamak Energy is one such firm, yet it is a busy field. Some competitors have very wealthy backers, allowing them to raise awareness of their inventions regardless of their viability. While Tokamak Energy’s route to fusion is backed by mainstream science and has the greatest chance of success, it had previously maintained a low profile.

The Solution

AprilSix Proof was brought on board to ensure Tokamak Energy was recognised as a leader in the development of fusion power.

Beginning with a messaging session that outlined each target market and their drivers behind engaging with the fusion industry, the last 18 months has seen AprilSix Proof embark on a news and thought leadership-driven press campaign to engage those in the media who influence the fusion world the most.

This ranges from in-depth reactive commentary on the latest science emerging from institutions such as the Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory, to grand-scale news and speeches on the global future of clean energy, to Tokamak Energy site visits with some of the UK’s leading national and broadcast press.

The Results

AprilSix Proof has achieved 14 national articles, 36 trade hits, 20 regional articles and 18 journalists briefings in the past 12 months.

Coverage highlights include a prime-time Channel 4 News report, two features in the Guardian, an Economist feature, an FT Special Report and an FT Energy Strategies Summit.