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Tokamak Energy

The Challenge

Tokamak Energy sits at the vanguard of the nuclear fusion industry. A small and nimble firm competing in an industry long dominated by large, publicly-funded organisations; Tokamak Energy was preparing to launch its milestone reactor: the ST40. Capable of achieving plasma temperatures of 15 million degrees Celsius, the ST40 represented Tokamak Energy’s progression from theory to practise. AprilSix Proof was tasked with positioning the machine as the most plausible route to fusion in widespread media, and forensically targeting key industry influencers.

The Solution

AprilSix Proof undertook a social listening project designed to map the entire online debate across the fusion energy sector. Armed with a holistic understanding of market issues, opportunities, points of debate and in particular key influencers and the audiences they influence, we devised a cross-channel campaign that encompassed both the six week ST40 launch period and ongoing media and social engagement.

Central to this was the development of high-quality content, and by utilising our social listening results we were able to design a bespoke content strategy for Twitter, Instagram and YouTube to maximise engagement. Similarly, we were able to conduct direct engagement with our identified influencers, ensuring Tokamak Energy was recognised by leading industry mavens as the closest organisation to taking fusion out of the lab and into the real world. This was underpinned by a news and thought-leadership driven press campaign, and site visits with some of the UK’s leading national and broadcast press.

The Results

43,848 views of Tokamak Energy video content throughout the six week launch period, amounting to 83,313 minutes of content viewed.

Grew Twitter following by 539% during launch period.

Over the whole campaign, we achieved 14 national articles, 36 trade hits, 20 regional articles and 18 journalist briefings; exceeding coverage KPIs by 52%.

Highlights include a prime-time Channel 4 News report, two features in the Guardian, an Economist feature, an FT Special Report and an FT Energy Strategies Summit.