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Celebrating Geek PRide

by AprilSix Proof


This week geeks around the world rejoiced together, celebrating Geek Pride Day (25th May). From those who take a keen interest in sci-fi to gamers to those with niche hobbies – all those taking part were honoured to stand shoulder to shoulder with their fellow geeks.

Geeks change the world

History is full of geeks that have invented or conceptualised things to make our lives easier or have created change through a pure passion for what they do. To name just a few:

  • Ada Lovelace – this geeky mathematician has become one of the best known females in the STEM sector and her early work with Charles Babbage helped to develop computing as we know it today
  • Bill Gates – I’m sure in the contemporary world you would find it hard to find a bigger, more impactful geek than Mr Microsoft himself. From the technology advances that can be traced back to him, through to his substantial philanthropy work, this geek creates change
  • Albert Einstein – the greatest physics geek of all time. Albert Einstein is responsible for our knowledge of relativity and quantum physics and also well known for having an incredible large brain
  • Sheldon Cooper – aka Jim Parsons. This fictional TV character has helped to make being a geek cool again. With the incredible success of The Big Bang Theory which is even leading to the creation of a Young Sheldon movie later this year, Jim Parsons’ character highlights the annoying yet lovable side of even the most intense geeks out there
  • Brian Cox – responsible for creating a new wave of science and space enthusiasts, Mr Cox shot to stardom for his relatable personality and love of the amazing universe that we live in.

So what does that have to do with PR I hear you ask? Well…

PR that makes a difference

I recently filled out an application for a CIPR award and in it, I was asked about the impact of my PR work on the rest of the world. As I pulled thoughts together, it became quite apparent that actually, what we do here at AprilSix Proof has significant value on the world. As specialists in STEM subjects, most of the work we promote day-to-day could genuinely change the world. Some of our recent work includes:

  • Helping to develop new qualifications in cyber security to get around education requirements if you didn’t study it at school or college
  • Highlighting the work of entrepreneurs using engineering to improve our future
  • Building recognition for industrial biotechnology processes which could make our future more sustainable and less wasteful
  • Educating the nation on future power sources and technologies
  • Working to ensure equality and access to STEM for different genders, economic backgrounds, neurodiversity and accessibility

The list could go on… we are extremely proud of what we do and the difference we make.

A team of hardworking geeks

We have a lot of fun and the entire team is passionate about what we do (which is probably why no one has left on over a year and a half). Made up of a real mix of individuals, the team is quite unique, there is always someone that can add value to the work you are doing. From those who studied PR to those who read biology or physics at university; those who spend their free time putting on concerts to raise money for refugees (yes you Tom); to those whose hobbies include medieval needlework (sorry Fareha) or revamping furniture (very geek chic, Ellie). We are all a little bit geeky in our own little ways and all of us about communicating STEM.