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Engineering Happiness

by AprilSix Proof

Today, the Institute of Civil Engineers (ICE) released a video which aims to inspire the next generation of engineers. Featuring many of the civil engineers behind some of the London’s most iconic infrastructure projects from Crossrail and TFL to the Thames Barrier and Beckton Sewage Treatment Plant, the video is set to the tune of Pharrell’s global mega-hit Happy. All of the featured engineers have donned their dancing shoes to show the public – and young people in particular – how happy they are to be engineers!

Although this campaign has been in the works for months, #EngineeringHappiness was launched hot on the heels of another viral Twitter hashtag – #WomenTweetScienceToo. The latter grew in response to a list published by Science Magazine, called “The top 50 science stars of Twitter” which was dominated by middle-aged white men.

Based on a controversial metric called the K-index (where K stands for Kardashian – yes, really), this list caused some….shall we say excitement amongst the very active science community on Twitter. The response focused on the general lack of diversity in this list – in terms of both gender and race – and also led to #POCTweetScienceToo (although this is mainly for the American community). I’ve founds lots of really interesting tweeters using these hashtags in the last 24 hours – if you are a Twitter user and lover of all things science-y, both hashtags are worth looking up.

Anyway, back to #EngineeringHappiness. One of the standout things about this video (beyond the impressive range of dance skills on display!) is the diversity of the engineers shown in it. Engineers of all ages, genders and races are shown having fun both in and out of hardhats all around London.

It is a great example of how diverse and exciting engineering can be as a career, and it can’t fail to make you smile! I loved it, and think you might too.

– Laurie