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European Commission raises energy efficiency targets

by AprilSix Proof

EU member states will need to achieve a 30% increase in energy efficiency by 2030

The European Commission have set all EU member states a target of a 30% energy efficiency increase by 2030. The target goes beyond those currently in place, and is based on achievements already reached over the past thirty years.

Günther H. Oettinger, Vice-President of the EU Commission responsible for energy, said: “Our proposal is the basis to drive the EU towards increased security of supply, innovation and sustainability, all in an affordable way. It is ambitious and at the same time it is realistic. The energy efficiency strategy will complete the 2030 framework on energy and climate which has been presented in January 2014. Our aim is to give the right signal to the market and encourage further investments in energy saving technologies to the benefit of businesses, consumers and the environment.”

The EC suggests that the new target will yield numerous benefits for business and consumers, such as an increase in energy intensity, the development of more efficient appliances, and a decrease in European dependence on external gas suppliers.

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