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Events: Make the most of the opportunity 

by AprilSix Proof

While this event was an ideal opportunity for businesses to interact and share ideas, it was also a great chance for us to gain some insight. For organisations such as ours, events like these provide us with an opportunity to gain a fuller understanding of what concerns the industry is facing and what our target audiences are interested in finding out about. This is particularly helpful in developing news stories.

For example: we continue to hear more and more about the pressure that the IT industry is under, particularly when it comes to a lack of skilled staff coming through. Recent research from CompTIA found that 44 per cent of 1,500 IT workers believed staff productivity is suffering because of a lack of skilled workers.

CompTIA, as a the voice of the IT industry, holds events like these to see what organisations are experiencing around issues like these, and to help them overcome them.

We had the opportunity to sit and listen to a series of in-depth round table discussions. The ‘Partner Unconference’ session saw experts from a wide range of industries get together to discuss a variety of issues, including best practices, apprenticeships and CompTIA certification. Those involved with these panels delved deep into topics such as skills shortages, with lecturers and industry experts alike sharing their thoughts, from Colleges spreading themselves too thinly, to how engineering knowledge needs to be improved.

From our perspective, hearing the issues that those in the industry feel need to be addressed is hugely beneficial. If we know what people such as IT SMEs and higher education establishments are talking about when it comes to situations such as the skills shortage, this ensures any content we put out is in tune with the view of our target audiences, and of interest to the media publications that they read.  .

The lesson here is that you should never let an opportunity, whether it be a conference, event, or seminar, just pass you by. They can be a treasure trove of ideas that could provide you with your next coverage hit, or simply as a chance to help you gain a better understanding of your client and the industry.

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