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First Quantum Cheshire Cat spotted!

by AprilSix Proof

Proof secures its first New Scientist front cover for ILL explaining Physics’ latest feline phenomenon

This week, the physics community and anyone interested in mind bending science had a new discovery to mull over thanks to an international publicity campaign led by Proof.

On Tuesday evening a collaboration of researchers at the Vienna University of Technology published the result of study conducted at the Institut Laue-Langevin, the world’s flagship centre for neutron science, that confirmed the previously theoretical idea that a particle could be separated in space from one of its properties. The existence of a so-called Quantum Cheshire Cat, named after the Alice in Wonderland character who vanished leaving only his smile behind, was confirmed after the Austrian team used the physics of quantum mechanics to split a neutron from its magnetic properties.

The coordinated publicity campaign run by Proof working alongside members of the Vienna communications team, and our PRN members in Germany and France has proved a great success. It has so far yielded not only the front cover, four page feature article in New Scientist mentioned above, but also generated a top story on the BBC News’ Science and Environment page, and articles with The Times, Der Standard, Pro-Physik, Der Standard and La Razon.