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Government must stop unnecessary use of antibiotics 11.07.14

Science and Technology committee warns of potential health consequences

The health risks posed by antimicrobial resistance are becoming an increasingly important topic, with the government recently announcing a review of the economics of antimicrobial research.

While the Science and Technology Committee welcome the announcement, they stress that current practice across both health and veterinary services is failing to prevent the inappropriate prescription of antibiotics.

Andrew Miller MP, Chair of the Science and Technology Committee, said “Antibiotic resistance cannot be entirely prevented, but it is a problem made worse by inappropriate use and poor stewardship of antibiotics in healthcare and farming.”

“We’re pleased that the Prime Minister has taken the opportunity just ahead of our report launch to reaffirm his commitment to action on antibiotic resistance, but […] what we really need from Government right now is decisive and urgent action to prevent antibiotics from being given to people and animals who do not need them.”

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