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Innovate UK launches £50m investment in emerging technologies

by AprilSix Proof

Vince Cable announces the 4-year Emerging technologies and industries strategy

The Business Secretary Vince Cable has launched Innovate UK’s £50 million investment in potentially game-changing technologies spanning across the following seven areas:

– synthetic biology
– energy-efficient computing
– energy harvesting
– non-animal technologies
– emerging imaging technologies
– graphene
– quantum technologies

These areas have been chosen owing to the world-class research or industrial potential already existing within the UK, which with sufficient investment could turn into billion pound sectors.

Iain Gray, chief executive of Innovate UK, said “Much of Innovate UK’s funding and expertise goes to support business innovation where the commercial opportunities are well understood and the technological challenges known. But it is vital that we also look further ahead, scanning the horizon for the breakthroughs of tomorrow.”

“With our strong and inventive research base, the UK is an excellent source of high potential early-stage technologies. This new investment will help make the push for full commercialisation, creating real economic growth for the UK in the process.”

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