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Now working with IBioIC, a game-changer in biotechnology

by AprilSix Proof

The Industrial Biotechnology Innovation Centre, based in Scotland, is the UK’s hub of collaboration in the field of IB. By being the only way to access all four colours (industrial, marine, medical and agriculture) of UK biotechnology experience in one place, IBioIC is uniquely positioned to drive innovation, find commercially applicable new technology and ideas, and offer support for projects that bring biotechnology closer to industrialisation.


IBioIC has commissioned Proof to help it boost awareness of its capabilities as a facilitator in the sector. Our job will be to build the organisation’s brand as a global leader in the industrialisation of biotechnology. As part of our remit over the next six months, Proof will be building the organisation’s profile through a series of media, social media and events-based activities that will together tell the story of biotechnology’s industrial opportunity through the eyes of those charged with accelerating the process.

One of the most exciting aspects of the programme will be organising press trips to locations across Scotland that demonstrate the true spread of biotechnology opportunity and progress emerging in this part of the UK. From marine biotech in Oban to synthetic biology in Edinburgh, this will be a fantastic opportunity to offer a single view of the story of Scottish IB.

“We want to ensure that IBioIC is positioned as the go to resource for harnessing the spread of UK capabilities in industrial biotechnology. In Scotland and the rest of the UK we have extraordinary expertise and a real opportunity to lead global thinking in this area. Our role is to facilitate that and to achieve our objectives we need industry, academia and government to understand how we can help drive the collaboration this sector requires,” Roger Kilburn, CEO, IBioIC.