Science & Research

We have been helping science and research organisations clearly communicate the value of their work since 2004. Our specialist experience combined with a true passion and appreciation for exciting research makes us unique among PR and communication agencies.

We understand how academic and core research processes work. We appreciate the differences between applied science and fundamental research, and the importance of both. Our value lies in our ability to take complex scientific content, understand it, appreciate its potential, and convert it into clear language that accurately demonstrates its impact on industry and society.


Innovative engineering powers the world we live in. Whether mining for raw materials, developing new ways to reduce emissions, or creating innovative medical devices, the valuable role of engineering in our world deserves greater recognition.

Our team works with engineering organisations large and small to demonstrate how their approaches, processes and technologies can help businesses and society meet the challenges they face.


Technology is a very broad field. We specialise in cyber security and technology education.

We help organisations in both sectors meet a similar challenge – to get people to recognise that behind the veneer of a digital society driven by exciting innovative devices the core principles of safety, security and education are critical to sustaining a connected world.

Case studies