PR strategy and planning

We ensure that our clients use PR and marketing to achieve their corporate objectives by developing communication plans designed around their business goals. Communication should always be focused around building connections between clients’ capabilities and the people that can have a positive influence on their success. We help organisations identify who they need to communicate with, what to say to them, and how to deliver that information most effectively. By doing so we help them ensure that their investment in better communication has a tangible return linked to their organisational goals.

Media relations

Getting the media to write about your business is a combination of art and science. AprilSix Proof has one of the most effective and experienced media relations teams in the fields of technology, science, and engineering. We understand how to generate articles for our clients in national and international newspapers, trade magazines and websites, global business publications, and radio and TV news channels across the world. We understand what journalists like and what they don’t. And we appreciate the need to balance an exciting story that makes reporters want to write with our clients’ need for accuracy and precision.

Social media

Many organisations need help planning their social engagement so they see real business impact from organic social media campaigns.

We audit the social media landscape and identify the best places and most appropriate platforms for clients to engage based on the audiences they want to reach and the messages they need to communicate. We use this information to develop strategic plans and high-impact content that helps clients successfully influence the existing conversations within relevant online communities, and build new ones that attract attention from the right people.

Influencer engagement

From parliamentary monitoring and meetings with policymakers, to making connections with important stakeholders and online influencers, AprilSix Proof’s team knows how to make the connections that can positively change your organisation, build your profile with trade associations and partners and shape legislation.

Analyst relations

Technology analysts influence significant decisions across the sector. From M&A to new IT investments, they have become a key conduit for messaging and a critical part of building brand awareness with potential customers and partners. We understand how analysts work and what sparks their interest. Our relationships with analyst houses around the world enable us to connect clients to these influential groups so they can quickly grasp the true impact of client products and services on their chosen markets.

Case studies