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Poor school careers advice deterring future engineers

by AprilSix Proof

New poll claims teachers lack understanding of business and industry

A new poll by the Institution of Mechanical Engineers claims UK pupils are receiving poor careers advice from teachers who lack understanding of business and industry.

Of the 2,030 members of the public asked for their views on secondary school careers advice, 42% thought that careers advice/guidance in UK secondary schools was poor, with 26% describing it as adequate. Only 10% believe the advice is good.

The results come as the Institution launches a new Teacher Industrial Partners’ Scheme (TIPS), which will see Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) teachers being offered two-week work placements within industry to help them better explain the highly diverse career opportunities to their students.

Peter Finegold, Head of Education and Skills at the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, said: “Good careers guidance in our schools is the engine of social mobility. We know that young people look to their teachers for advice, yet only 9% of the UK population feels that teachers have a good overall understanding of business and industry.”

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