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Proof appointed by hybrid engine experts Vantage Power

by AprilSix Proof

Proof has been appointed by Vantage Power, a fast growing engineering firm dealing with vehicle emissions in urban areas, to handle its PR and press office. Proof will be promoting Vantage Power’s hybrid engine system, the B320, as well as using PR to increase investment, staff growth and awareness amongst policy makers.

Thanks to the capabilities of the B320 and incoming air quality legislation in 2020, Vantage Power is perfectly positioned to solve the issue of poor air quality in urban centres and so is experiencing rapid growth. Proof is being brought on board as a response to this and will:

  • • help Vantage Power hire highly skilled automotive engineers by raising awareness of the company and its position as a fast-growth, London-based engineering company.
  • • support the company’s investment rounds and continue to build on the base of £4m it has already secured.
  • • improve awareness of the company amongst policy makers as a method for bus operators to hit their emission targets.
  • • promoting the cost benefits of the B320 to operators.

The B320 is a hybrid engine that is retrofitted into double-decker buses, converting them from diesel to an efficient diesel/battery powered combined engine. It has the potential to save every bus it is installed in up to £20,000 in fuel per year as well as run on zero emissions for up to 4km.

Jim Sutton, Director at Proof Communication commented:

“Proof’s expertise is perfectly suited to supporting and expanding the growth that Vantage Power is experiencing. Our experience of communicating the value innovative companies bring to the UK means we will be able to showcase Vantage Power’s compelling offer to a wide range of key players involved in cleaning the air in our cities: bus operators, policy decision makers and those skilled enough to create this technology. This will turn Vantage Power from a fast-growth enterprise into a clean-engineering force.”

Alexander Schey, CEO at Vantage Power adds:

“Since setting up Vantage Power in 2011 with co-founder and CTO Toby Schulz, the interest we have had in our product has been phenomenal. We are on the cusp of rapidly growing our business and required a partner that could communicate this expansion in order to support and further it. Proof’s expertise in converting complex engineering into a powerful, relatable business message made them the ideal choice.”

If you’d like to know more about Vantage Power or working with Proof Communication, please contact Jim Sutton,