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Guide to Being a STEM Media Officer 07.04.17

I am halfway through a two-year term on the Executive Committee of Stempra – a network for science, technology, engineering and mathematics PR and communications professionals. Over the course of this year, we’ve hosted a series of engaging events ranging from debates on embargoes to blogging workshops. One of the most important events we host… Read more »

WATCH: Best practice in STEM communication 31.03.17

In a video edition of our blog this week, watch our Managing Director Jim Sutton, The Times Science Editor Tom Whipple and Terry O’Connor, Head of Communications at the STFC, discuss best practices in science communications. This covers both best practice for laboratories and institutes as well as when engaging the media. It also puts… Read more »

Delivering best practice in STEM communication 10.03.17

  Here at AprilSix Proof we love to learn. While many of us on the team have been in the PR industry for longer than we might care to admit, we still enjoy learning new ways of approaching things, ideas of best practice from other professionals and just different viewpoints. Over the past year, we’ve… Read more »

The Last Post 03.03.17

Day one at Proof. I remember it clearly. 7th January 2005. We started a business. I walked into an office the size of a small cupboard and was faced with two desks, two phones and two laptops. I was the first one in and I sat, taking in the silence. Wondering what was to come…. Read more »