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The science of influence 06.10.17

  The way we form our perceptions and opinions is changing. The role of social media continues to rise and, as such, alternative realities are emerging. There’s a good chance you’ll be familiar with the idea that we’re seeing a decline in the trust and acceptance of ‘experts’ and the evidence they present, but what… Read more »

The power of magic mushrooms 29.09.17

  Yesterday was not a usual day at the office. On my final Thursday as the Intern for AprilSix Proof, I was fortunate enough to go on a one-woman mission and attend the wildly popular New Scientist Live event, held at the ExCel Centre in East London. Much like what we do at AprilSix Proof,… Read more »

To pitch or not to pitch? 22.09.17

As STEM communicators our jobs revolve around turning complex ideas, results or theories into information that people can make sense of and use. But in a post-truth era, where scientists are viewed with suspicion not just by the general public but by the media that report on their activities, it can be a struggle to… Read more »

Brexit science paper – haters gonna hate 15.09.17

The wait, it appears, is over. After a year of speculation, rumour, boasts and fear mongering the first signs of what the UK’s science and research relationship with the rest of Europe could look like post-Brexit are beginning to take shape. Or are they? Last week the Department for Exiting the European Union (DexEU) published… Read more »