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Proof provides adaptive communication for cyber specialists Clearswift

by AprilSix Proof

Proof Communication was appointed by Clearswift, the adaptive data loss prevention specialist, to provide a comprehensive global communications plan. Proof is working with Clearswift to promote its unique adaptive redaction solution in the UK. Proof will also act as lead agency for global communications, working with Waggener Edstrom in Germany and N2N in Australia, as well as parent company April-Six to produce an integrated global marketing strategy.

Clearswift has developed its award winning adaptive redaction technology to combat one of the most common security threats in the modern office – the insider threat. This could include anything from personal information to banking details to intellectual property being shared accidentally, maliciously, or simply without knowledge. Clearswift’s adaptive redaction removes critical information based on predefined policies enabling continuous, collaborative communication without the risk of breach.

Proof will support Clearswift in both traditional and digital media, as well as developing creative campaigns and demand generation. “We are delighted to have Clearswift as a client,” said Richard Moss, Director of Proof Communication. “It is a leader in its field and provides a unique solution to data loss with adaptive redaction, and breaks down the barriers we traditionally see fall into place when security software is installed. Cyber security is one of our specialist areas as an agency and I’m confident that the wealth of knowledge that our team has will bring new and exciting ideas to Clearswift’s outreach.”

“We’re very much looking forward to working with Proof Communication,” said Naomi Newport, Senior Vice President, Marketing at Clearswift. “Proof boasts an outstanding knowledge of the cybersecurity space, creativity and excellent communication expertise. Proof’s traditional and digital communications team partnered with April-Six’s extensive marketing experience will ensure we maximise our outreach and create real awareness.”

For more information about Clearswift, please click here. For more information about Proof Communication please click here. To contact the Clearswift PR team, please email