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Shellshock bug could affect critical national infrastructure

by AprilSix Proof

A major security flaw has been discovered in a software component at the heart of many popular operating systems from Mac to Linux, potentially rendering critical national infrastructure vulnerable to a new wave of hack attacks.

Even worse, with the vulnerability already being exploited in the wild, experts say there is currently no complete patch to fix it, pitting security experts in a race against time to close the loophole. The software component, known as Bash (or Bourne-Again Shell) is a command prompt on Unix operating system, on which many other operating systems are based.

Stuart Poole-Robb, a former military intelligence official, told the Financial Times: “We have a whole range of [digital] diseases like this coming towards us and each time all we do is come up with aparacetamoll or an aspirin. This is probably the worst of its type so far, but in a year’s time something new or worse will be confronting us and we will find it even harder to deal with.”

Story from the FT here