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UK facing digital skills shortage

by AprilSix Proof

Telegraph: Future ICT workforce may drop, warns taskforce

The UK Digital Skills Taskforce has published a report this week warning that Britain may face a growing digital skills shortage.

The findings build on research carried out by City & Guilds last year, indicating that 47% of ICT employers felt the education system was not preparing students for the business world, while 74% also felt the industry was facing a skills gap.

The Taskforce report suggests that the stereotypical perception of ICT roles may be a contributing factor to the results, and calls on the Government to invest more funding in a new computing curriculum.

Chuka Umunna, the Shadow Business Secretary, told the Telegraph “the report shines a much-needed spotlight on the digital skills gap and the need to give everyone – and particularly those entering the labour market – the tools they need to thrive and succeed.”

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