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UK Government gives driverless cars the green light

by AprilSix Proof

Vince Cable announces new measures for driverless cars to become a reality in 2015

Business Secretary Vince Cable announced on Wednesday that three UK cities will be selected to host driverless cars trials from 2015, which will last between 18 and 36 months. The selected cities will also have access to a share of a £10 million pool to implement the technology.

The government now is calling on cities to put forward bids to become test locations.

At the same time, government ministers have also launched a review into road regulations and how these can be reconciled with the UK’s desire to be at the forefront of driverless technology. They also aim to ensure that there is an appropriate regime for testing driverless cars in the UK.

They will take into consideration both types of driverless cars: those with a driver who can take control of the car; and those where the vehicle has no driver.

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