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UK to invest £154m into next-generation aircraft

by AprilSix Proof

The Aerospace Technology Institute (ATI) will receive funding across four key areas

Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg has announced £154m in government funding will go to the Aerospace Technology Institute (ATI) for research and development into the next generation of quieter, faster and more environmentally friendly planes.

The funding was announced at this week’s Farnborough International Airshow, and is part of a £2bn government and industry investment announced in March 2013.

The money will be split across four areas of aerospace engineering, including

  • £42m into new Airbus-led research into designing, manufacturing and assembling wings
  • £20m into a Rolls-Royce-led project exploring the creation of lighter, greener and more fuel-efficient aircraft (aiming for a 75% reduction in carbon dioxide emissions by 2050 compared to 2000 levels)
  • £49m on a GKN-led project examining the impact of 3D printing on the production of lightweight aircraft metallic parts
  • £13m into research led by Thales to help passengers access the internet and make phone calls while in flight

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