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WATCH: Best practice in STEM communication

by AprilSix Proof

In a video edition of our blog this week, watch our Managing Director Jim Sutton, The Times Science Editor Tom Whipple and Terry O’Connor, Head of Communications at the STFC, discuss best practices in science communications. This covers both best practice for laboratories and institutes as well as when engaging the media. It also puts on record The Times’ fascination with cute animal stories.

Terry O’Connor’s talk begins at 0.45 and runs through the latest findings of the Interaction report, a distillation of a series of international peer reviews of the communications and outreach functions of large scale multi-disciplinary science labs around the world.

Tom Whipple begins describing his daily routine at 32.00, outlining the requirements he has for his science stories and also the process through which they will go  in order to secure a spot in the next day’s edition. What’s his dream pitch? “Involving dogs!”