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Wearable tech, and its applications in industry

by AprilSix Proof


This week Proof went along to the Wearable Technology show. Our main aim was to find out how this technology is being used in industry, and we had some interesting conversations with those companies targeting the healthcare and manufacturing industries. The FT’s Andrew Ward recently wrote about how the healthcare sector is set to be the biggest beneficiary of the Internet of Things, and it’s clear that there are a lot of companies now targeting this space.

We are all familiar with wearable technology that is targeted at the consumer, such as Fitbit, but what is less well known are the companies such as Activinsights that produce ‘professional wearables’ and work directly with researchers and practitioners, who manage and analyse data to improve health and performance. The company stresses that the solutions are scientifically validated, which is not the case with consumer devices on the market, such as Fitbit.

We also spoke to company that produce sensors for scientific, technical and medical wearable use, and another that specialises in security solutions for the IoT market. We also learnt about how AiR (Augmented Interactive Reality) can benefit industrial & healthcare sectors. We also spoke to a few companies focused on virtual reality, and we experienced what it was like to see step inside a virtual operating theatre. Not an experience for the faint hearted, but a great resource for trainee doctors.

So, we shall see what happens to the B2B wearable space. There are a number of challenges that these companies will have to address, not least with the quality of data generated, but also managing the privacy and security implications of data collection.

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