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Cyberworld beats real life for a quarter of UK teens

by AprilSix Proof

BBC Newsbeat: Newsbeat poll shows 25% prefer online world to offline reality

13% of British teenagers say their cyber-friends know them more intimately than anyone else and a quarter are happier in the virtual world than the real world, according to a survey that indicates digital interactions are eclipsing real human contact and increasing social alienation among young people.

The ComRes poll of 1,015 UK teens for BBC Newsbeat, found that 25% of teens admitted to a social media addiction, a third confessed to meeting strangers they had first encountered online and many said their obsession with social media is driven by loneliness.

17-year-old Aisha from London told the BBC: “If all my real friends are busy doing something, and then all my social media friends are doing their own thing, I’ve got no-one to be with. I’m not even tired, Hollyoaks isn’t on, what am I going to do? I’m all alone.”

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