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Global boom in electric cars

by AprilSix Proof

BBC: Quick charging is causing a rise in uptake

Electric car sales have now topped the 10,000 mark in the UK, caused in part to the roll-out of a network of superfast chargers at motorway stations.

Over the past year, Ecotricity – the company installing a network of charging stations along the UK’s motorways – have installed around 170 of these units, allowing customers to charge their car battery to 80% in 20-30 minutes.

Just 4,000 cars used the system between October and December last year but in the three months to the end of June, this leapt to 15,000.

Dale Vince, the founder and chief executive of Ecotricity, told the BBC “In the past 12 months we’ve gone from 8 hours to charge a car to 20 minutes. All of this points to a coming revolution in how we get around, they are super cheap to run, totally clean especially if you run them on renewable energy, they just are the future of personal transport.”

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