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Hackers can defraud energy firms and cut power by targeting smart meters

by AprilSix Proof

BBC:  Hackers could send false data from smart meters to cut energy bills or create blackouts

Researchers have pinpointed security flaws buried inside smart meters that could enable hackers to transmit misleading information from domestic devices. These techniques could be used to defraud energy firms or cut off the power supply to individual premises.

Hackers can use the encryption keys inside a smart meter – combined with its unique ID – to dupe the ‘nodes’ that record electricity use, sending out fake signals to the energy suppliers and even redirecting energy bills to someone else by appropriating their smart meter ID.

Javier Vidal, one of the researchers who identified the vulnerabilities, told the BBC: “We can fool the nodes and send them false data”.

The ability to mimic the unique signals from each meter could allow hackers to launch targeted attacks by seeking out individual meters and cutting off their power supply.

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