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Hauser report published at Innovate 2014

by AprilSix Proof

Calls for long-term expansion of the Catapult network, with 30 centres to be created by 2030

Four years after his original report in which he called for the creation of a network of technology and innovation centres around the UK, Hermann Hauser’s second report recommends a substantial expansion of the system.

Seven Catapult centres currently exist across the country with two more due to open in 2015. Each focuses on a specific area of technology, bringing together sector experts and cutting-edge facilities to help business develop new products and services.

Hauser highlighted the success of the existing network in the report, urging that the nine be expanded to thirty over the coming decades. He added: “I’ve been genuinely surprised at the degree of progress made and impressed by the quality of the people and facilities in the emerging network. The UK is playing catch up with the best innovation systems in the world in translational infrastructure, so I was very encouraged to see how rapidly we are closing the gap.”

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