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Investing in science can help grow the economy

by AprilSix Proof

A new report commissioned by CaSE highlights the benefits of scientific investment

The Campaign for Science and Engineering has published a new independent report showing that the investment of public money in science and engineering can boost the economy.

Report author Professor Alan Hughes said: “The report provides clear evidence that academics receiving public sector research funding are also those most likely to engage with the private sector. It also provides compelling evidence that public and private sector research expenditures are complementary. They should not be seen as substitutes in the drive to enhance the productivity performance of the UK.”

CaSE director Dr Sarah Main added: “This new economic analysis shows us how the UK’s exceptional science and engineering sector can be the cornerstone of our economy. The UK has a world-class reputation for scientific research, which innovative industries want to access. Government will reap great rewards by investing in science through university and research funding because it raises our knowledge base and acts as a magnet for private sector investment.”

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