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New study disputes IPCC global warming predictions

by AprilSix Proof

Intergovernmental plans for drastic emissions cuts may have been based on inaccurate IPCC estimates of how much CO2 contributes to global warming and how fast the atmosphere will heat up, according to a new study published in the journal Climate Dynamics.

The research, co-authored by Professor Judith Curry of Georgia Institute of Technology and independent scientist Nicholas Lewis found that, even if the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere doubled, temperatures would rise by a maximum of 1.8C over 70 years, significantly less than the IPCC’s estimated 2.5C rise.

This could have significant political implications because Government proposals for emissions cuts are heavily reliant on the IPCC’s global warming projections.

Nicholas Lewis, who co-authored the study told the Times: “Our results strongly suggest complex global climate models used for warming projections are over sensitive to rises in CO2 concentrations.”

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