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Proof wins General Lighthouse Authorities tender to promote resilient position, navigation and timing

by AprilSix Proof

The General Lighthouse Authorities (GLA) of UK and Ireland have chosen to partner with Proof Communication to raise awareness of the need for resilient position, navigation and timing and in particular the ground based back up to GPS called eLoran. The 19 month contract includes media relations, public affairs and a stakeholder engagement activity in the UK as well as specific territories around the world. The GLA’s constituency and focus remain shipping and the mariner – but wider adoption of eLoran could benefit many different sectors.

Jim Sutton, Director of Proof said “Satellite navigation and timing systems are embedded in almost every aspect of our lives. They can be a single point of failure for applications as diverse as transport, telecommunications, smart grid power distribution and high frequency trading. Over the next 19 months we will work hard to spread further awareness within industry, government and the general public of the need for the resilience provided by a complementary system like eLoran.”

Martin Bransby, Research and Radionavigation Manager at the GLA said “From a technical point of view we now believe we have the eLoran solution ready for maritime use. However conveying its role and importance both to the shipping industry and far beyond is crucial to its success. We need an agency who understands the issues and has a proven track record of delivering results. We’re very much looking forward to continuing our relationship with Proof.”

This week Proof took the UK’s leading TV technology programme BBC Click to Harwich to experience the conditions and atmosphere on board ship during a GPS outage. The BBC team witnessed the plug being pulled on the GPS feed to the GLA’s ship Galatea and the consequences it had on the bridge. To see what happened make sure to watch the broadcast in the UK and throughout the world in late October.

GPS Outage aboard the Galatea