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Communications strategy and planning

Communications strategy and planning

We base our communication strategies and tactical plans on a combination of logic – research, knowledge, data and insights – and magic – creative ideas and flawless execution.

We take an evidence-based approach to audience analysis, from initially working closely with our clients to understand who their targets are and what drives them, through to the application of cutting-edge social listening techniques that enable us to capitalise on the vast behavioural insights that can be garnered from today’s data-rich world.

Armed with a thorough understanding of the target audience, we then apply the magic. Drawing on the extensive creative skills of our team, we devise campaign plans based on the most impactful ways in which to shift perceptions and drive desired behaviours – be that buying a product, applying for a programme, making a career choice, or investing in an organisation or initiative. This includes defining the messages that need to be articulated, the most effective channels or influencers to carry them, the connections that need to be made, or even the policy that needs to be changed.

Our communication strategies employ a broad range of tactics, which can include any number of those detailed below, and can also dovetail with demand generation and marketing activities to ensure the best possible result.

We also prepare our clients for delivering campaigns by offering a range of training options. We offer media training sessions to ensure spokespeople are confident in all interview scenarios and equipped with techniques to keep the conversation on-message. We train in-house teams in social media tools and best practice, and we deliver sessions introducing start-ups to core communications functions and methods.

Media and influencer relations

Media and influencer relations

People are influenced by far more sources than just traditional media. These influencers can also be bloggers, analysts, industry bodies, policy makers, celebrities, peers, or simply subject matter experts with a high social media following. We consider all possible channels of influence in our communication campaigns.

When it comes to traditional media, we understand what journalists like and what they don’t. We identify exciting angles, while avoiding hype and jargon. We have unrivalled contacts in the media who we engage tenaciously to place our clients’ stories, and we don’t rely solely on press releases to help us secure high quality media coverage. Our team has driven a national journalist on an innovation tour of central London in a supercar, chilled a number of reporters down to -135 °C in a chyrotherapy unit, and simulated a GPS blackout on a ship in the middle of the North Sea, all in the name of a helping to craft a good story.
We know how analysts work and what sparks their interest. From M&A to new IT investments, technology analysts have become a key conduit for messaging and a critical part of building brand awareness with potential customers and partners.

Our campaigns will often include a public affairs element that integrates with the wider communications programme. From parliamentary monitoring and meetings with policymakers, to drafting parliamentary briefing papers and making connections with important stakeholders, AprilSix Proof’s team knows how to make an impact that can build your profile and influence legislation.

Digital and Social

Digital and Social

Real business impact from both organic and paid-for social media campaigns requires close integration with broader communications activity. We offer the following services for our clients:

Social media strategy

In tandem with the broader communications strategy, we deliver social media strategies informed by a number of advanced social listening tools and techniques. These identify where and when the most relevant online conversations are taking place, who the key influencers are, and the types of content that resonate with a very precisely defined audience. This, combined with our own experience and expertise, delivers highly effective strategic insights.


For clients that are new to social media, or looking to grow their social media presence, we provide a comprehensive support package for implementing new social media strategies, including launch plans, internal policy documents and company guidelines, content calendars, and training to provide in-house teams with all the tools needed to confidently launch and use social media channels over the long term. Alternatively, we can offer a fully managed service where we can launch channels on your behalf.

Social media content

We can deliver full content schedules for paid-for and organic campaigns spanning a range of social media channels, and/or we can manage our clients’ social media channels on their behalf in real time.

Asset development

Posts with a visual element receive on average 313% more engagement. We design visual assets that help bring social campaigns to life and drive engagement.

Content and thought leadership

Content and thought leadership

AprilSix Proof has been developing content for technology, science and engineering organisations for more than 10 years. We know how to produce engaging and impactful content on a wide range of subjects, from artificial intelligence and security to neutron science and fusion energy.

Our clients come to us with a huge variety of challenges and objectives, many of which require a creative approach that goes beyond the traditional tactics. In addition to white papers and opinion pieces on topical issues, website copy and award entries, we are constantly delivering content-led creative ideas that break the traditional PR mould. From challenging the public to solve a cryptic cipher, to creating an iPad-based interactive storybook to create a lasting impression on policy makers and stakeholders in the House of Commons, we know how to make an impact.

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