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The DoE publishes the UK’s National Energy Efficiency Action Plan

by AprilSix Proof

Framework outlined for helping EU achieve 20% energy efficiency by 2020

In order to build on the UK’s leadership on energy efficiency, the Government is committed to meeting the terms of the European Union’s 2012 Energy Efficiency Directive. The Directive will play a key role in driving progress towards the EU’s 2020 energy efficiency target. Central to achieving this goal is the requirement in Article 3 for Member States to set national non-binding energy saving targets.

The UK’s target was set on 30 April 2013 at the level of 129.2 million tonnes of oil equivalent (mtoe) for final energy consumption on a net calorific value basis. Compared to the 2007 business-as-usual projection, this represented an 18% reduction in final energy consumption.

According to the newly-published report, the UK is projected to consume 126.6 mtoe in 2020, 2% lower than the target set last year.

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