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The value of surrounding messages

by AprilSix Proof

A visit to Milton Keynes should never be the most inspirational trip of the week. But walking through the doors of the Transport Systems Catapult in MK this week gave new meaning to the phrase ‘love the place you work’. The Catapult has understood, better than any other organisation I have visited, the importance of messaging and inspiration at work. It has used colour, language and materials to brilliantly transform the floor of a bog standard office building into a workplace where ideas flow and creativity is given space to thrive.


The Catapult has designed space, light and messaging so well that everywhere you look, not only do you feel excited to start working but more importantly, you also understand more and more about what the Catapult does and why it matters. From glass barriers to plastered walls, everything contains a clear message about the focus of the organisation – and its impact is obvious. Ask anyone in the Catapult about their objectives, and the messages come thick and fast. People understand what they are there to do and why the organisation exists. They know where they need to focus and they recognise everyone’s priorities. It’s clearly not just down to the surroundings, but they will certainly help.


The inspiration of the workspace makes such a difference. At Proof we have a relatively small unit but we have also focused on big branding and messaging to make people connect with the organisation when they walk into the room. We’ve used corporate colours throughout to tie everything together and we have built the logo into as many parts of the space as we can. Previously we were in a serviced office – boring, dull, lacking light, and lacking identity. Whilst I think the growth of the business has been largely down to the hard work of everyone inside it, the new environment has definitely helped.


People tend to think about messaging for press releases, presentations, and online content. Do they consider how to imprint messages into the very fabric of the workplace? Is there enough recognition of the impact that being surrounded by focussed, powerful messaging can have on an organisation’s performance and its understanding of its purpose? Look around you now and consider whether your environment drives home the messages of your organisation. Are you surrounded by messaging?

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