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Two years in prison for internet trolls

by AprilSix Proof

Cyber bullies face increased maximum sentence for posting offensive material online

As a part of its efforts to protect victims of crime, the government has extended the maximum sentence for online abuse to up to two years in prison. In addition, police will have longer to investigate cases of this nature

Items online that are created and sent to cause distress are now more serious offenses in the eyes of the law, and can be dealt with by the Crown Court. There will not be a time limit for the police and Crown Prosecution Service to bring a prosecution.

The government is also lengthening the sentence – from a previous maximum of six months to up to two years – for people who use the internet, social media or mobile phones to send malicious content.

Moreover, victims of online abuse will have the protected right to tell the court how their crime has affected them, a new nationwide Victims’ Information Service will be set up, and there will be significant investment in improving the court experience.

The proposed changes are currently going through Parliament.

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